V/U/SHF Contest 7/8th of May

I’ll be active from 2000mtrs high mountain on S5 north border JN76EK. Location is wide open to S, SW, NW, N and NE.

Primary 3cm band will be used with 80cm offset dish and 9W.  I use FT-817 so I’ll be QRV also on 2m & 70cm but with only 5W.

I hope I’ll be QRV on ON4KST chat.

Hope to see you in the contest!

de S53XX

Marko, S50P towards WW Record in RTTY WPX Ctest!

Today I did a short stop at Marko’s finest place – contest location near Kamnik.  Actually I did not want to disturb him, but Marko is vy good contest operator so I decided to look for short what’s his progress after first quarter of  Ctest. I found amazing number (over 500) QSOs already in his log and even more, pile up was so extensive that Marko just saying all the time:” This is crazy, I want to shut down all”! Can you imagine how nervous he was?

The second thing I would like to point out is all equipment which is more than fantastic. Two radios are working vy well. N1MM logger in the moment of my observation just print out the thinest signal on the band – nearly DX station from neighbour municipality  – S53BB! Probably he compete in QRP category, because he gave out number 30 on that time.

And on the end just one more information. In Marko’s shack were also M.K. and A.  – WCCT – WPX Contest Control Team.  Team leader was so proud to his team mate A.K., that he decided to maried her!

Nice 15 minutes of visit. Good luck Marko!

Marko at work


Antennae farm



  • 3CM


    – In 2012 I don’t now way, but some exstra money which I got I spend for 3cm transverter

    – In October 2012 I made first contact on 3cm with S50C contest team. ..Still waiting for QSL card from them!  :)

    – Two years later (Oct. 2014) I combine SOTA activation and Ctest from 1678m a.s.l. high Altemaver.


    – Kuhne MKU 10 G3 transverter (250mW)

    – 60cm, 80cm (offset) and 120cm parabolic antennae

    – R2-CW Racom  – 2m rig


    Altemaver 2014

Making waves